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There are a lot of Wordle-inspired puzzles popping up, and no good resource which lists them all. Here's my effort at compiling all of the Wordle alternatives in one place.

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Wordle has taken the world, or at least the social media bit of it, by storm, leading to a few variations. Here's one of mine.

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The MP Shop

16 December 2019   |   , ,

Ye National General Election, purveyor of fine Labour MPs to the gentry (and the poverty-stricken too). With apologies to the Pythons.

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The Pain Of Technical Debt

26 November 2019   |   ,

Technical debt is a strange beast, and knowing when to pay it off is key to smooth product development.

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The Last Move:

18 February 2019   |  

I have been no stranger to domain moves in the past, but in late 2018 was able to acquire the domain name, and so - for hopefully the last time - we're moving again!

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Four Questions To Start 2018

14 February 2018   |  

Inspired by Adrian Rosebrockā€, I take a little time for some self-reflection and look at what gave me life (and took life from me) in 2017.

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The Cookie Returns

13 February 2018   |  

Over at Added Bytes HQ, a lot has been going on. Unfortunately, GetPostCookie had to be taken offline for a while. But it's back!

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CEO Library Interview

11 December 2017   |   ,

The CEO Library is an amazing idea - interviewing CEOs and founders, but not about their apps. Instead, they ask about reading habits - what do you read, what books made a difference in your life, and what books do you recommend to others?

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In 2012, I left a Brighton web development agency to go freelance. Since then, I've been lucky enough to work with an eclectic selection of Brighton and UK companies, on everything from busy Magento shops to tiny newsletter campaigns. Never a dull moment! But, as of today, I'm no longer a freelancer. Today ... I am a founder.

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My thoughts on the future of the small bootstrappers group we have in Brighton, after almost a year of activity.

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