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I build websites. A lot of websites. Here are the personal projects I've worked on over the years and what's going on with them today.

Project Years Status Description
Wotzal 2023 ‑ Side Project Maths training and mental arithmetic practice app.
Raganam 2022 ‑ Side Project Wordle clone, daily anagram puzzle.
Culturle 2022 ‑ Side Project Wordle clone, pop culture references only.
Childnado 2021 ‑ Personal Site Non-techy project log. Woodwork, cooking ... basically an ongoing list of hobby projects.
AsUsedBy 2020 ‑ In Development To be announced :)
ApolloPad 2016 ‑ In Beta ApolloPad is online novel-writing software, designed to get out of your way and help you finish your novel.
Readable 2016 ‑ Full time Readable is a collection of tools to help make your content even more engaging, and since 2016 has gone from being a side project to my full time job.
ScorchBox 2015 Closed ScorchBox was to be a chilli subscription box for the UK. Unfortunately, while developing the product two new competitive boxes were released and we opted not to proceed.
Trivibot 2013 ‑ 2017 Closed TriviBot was a Twitter app based on an old IRC quizbot, which asked questions and awarded a point to the first person to answer each correctly.
IconJoiner 2012 ‑ 2016 Closed IconJoiner was a fun side-project, a digital service you could use to generate sets of icons by combining other sets.
FeedbackFair 2012 ‑ 2016 Closed FeedbackFair was an independant consumer purchase review site. It was shuttered in 2016 to allow me to focus on Readable.
Mathaversaries 2011 ‑ Side Project Mathaversaries tells you when you're 10,000,000 minutes old, or when you've been married for 1,000 days - that sort of thing.
Cheatography 2011 ‑ Side Project Cheatography is a complete labour of love, a free service where you can make, upload, share and download free cheat sheets for every topic under the sun.
Envoy 2010 ‑ 2016 Closed Envoy was a bug tracker and project management application. It was shuttered in 2016 to allow me to focus on Readable.
ModemEmulator 2008 ‑ 2010 Open Sourced This project started as a simple tool to allow designers to see how their sites would load on a slow connection. It was turned into an open source project in 2010.
ColorSudoku 2006 ‑ 2010 Closed Colour Sudoku was a generator for a unique new type of sudoku puzzle.
Readability‑ 2004 ‑ 2016 Became Before Readable was Readable, it was a free side-project at In 2016 it became a real business and my full-time job.
AloneOnAHill 2003 ‑ Personal Blog It's gone by several names over the years, but this is where my personal blog now lives.
AddedBytes 2003 ‑ Full Time What started as a simple development blog in 2003 has evolved into my SaaS product company.
CrosswordCheats 2003 ‑ Side Project A side project created at the request of Mrs Dave, CrosswordCheats is a crossword solver and cryptic crossword training system.
Tooyoo 2002 ‑ 2007 Closed A social network for the users of the now closed Dooyoo.