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This is a "Now Page", and you should make one too. Last updated on 2019-11-26.


  • Rolling out some very overdue upgrades to Readable. In V1, it made sense to store scoring results in JSON in the database. We weren't really making use of them, and it was easier to just feed those back into the front end directly rather than worry about data storage. Now, we are using all of those bits of data and they are tough to get to and incredibly slow, so I'm running through a major upgrade to ... well, all of it. Genuinely quite scared of rolling it out.
  • Moving into a new office. We now have two offices at Added Bytes, because that's just how it worked out. Not cheap, but a nice balance to life.
  • ApolloPad is ticking along, with some outstanding bugs to fix and some features to roll out. Laura is doing some nice blog posts on there as well.
  • Still stressed about Brexit and still glad that my business is largely insulated due to primarily US audience. The UK is still insane, apparently.


  • A lot of wrapping.
  • More reading. I read a lot of books, but most of them are Big Yellow Digger or Ten Little Pirates, and I need something more engaging.
  • Readable is getting a new version of its website tool, new pricing plans and a new job queueing system. All very cool stuff that opens up a lot of possibilities for us.
  • Recruiting a marketing lead for Readable. If you know about, please shout!
  • Finishing the V1 dev of ApolloPad, including feedback tools and subscription and billing systems.


  • Trying to eke out more time to finish my novel.
  • Calorie-counting with a 750-calorie deficit. Also, being annoyed that I lost 50lbs then put it back on over the last few years. FFS.
  • Trying to take over the world.