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This is a "Now Page", and you should make one too. Last updated on 2019-03-20.


  • Moved GetPostCookie to Alone On A Hill. I liked my old domain, but I'd had enough of people asking me if I ran a cookie delivery service.
  • Excited to be moving ApolloPad on again. We've been able to roll out come changes and start to build some momentum again.
  • Working on securing a new office for Added Bytes as we continue to outgrow our space.
  • Stressed about Brexit and glad that my business is largely insulated due to primarily US audience.


  • More office shenanigans, including the move itself, a little decorating and a lot of wiring.
  • Finishing the V1 dev of ApolloPad, including feedback tools and subscription and billing systems.
  • Some blue-sky development of Readable, to explore some new avenues for the product.
  • Planning a holiday for the summer.


  • Trying to eke out more time to finish my novel.
  • Calorie-counting with a 750-calorie deficit. Also, being annoyed that I lost 50lbs then put it back on over the last few years. FFS.
  • Trying to take over the world.