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This is a "Now Page", and you should make one too. Last updated on 2018-04-26.


  • Dealing with the fallout from the launch of the new version of So far, so good. We now have a new real-time editing interface and full website scanning!
  • Anxiously watching the revenue, conversion rate, cancellation rate and so on for Stressful (but getting better as days go by without a significant drop in anything).
  • We had enough sun at the weekend to get the BBQ out. And now it's hailing. British weather is weird.
  • Managing to work from home a little more at the moment, which is great.


  • Planning out the next few months of development on Some exciting decisions coming up!
  • Planning a holiday for the summer (still).


  • Trying to eke out more time to finish my novel.
  • Calorie-counting with a 750-calorie deficit. Also, being annoyed that I lost 50lbs then put it back on over the last few years. FFS.
  • Trying to take over the world.