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This is a "Now Page", and you should make one too. Last updated on 2018-03-13.


  • The snow has gone, and the UK is warming up. We're not used to snow - the whole place grinds to a halt at the first sign of a flake. Looking forward to getting the kids out of the house a bit more over the next few weeks.
  • I'm splitting my working time between my home office and work office, both in Burgess Hill, UK, something like 80-20. I'm trying to spend more time working from home. Working with the kids nearby helps remind me what the late nights and sacrifices are for.
  • I'm working on the new version of It's incredibly exciting, and I can't wait to get it in front of people. Should be up by the end of March.
  • Steve did a new logo and it's awesome. Actually, a whole new brand, new sales site, new everything. All part of the new version. Seriously, so exciting. (Not as exciting as Steve's news though, which I'm sure will make it onto his Twitter at some point soon!)
  • I'm working with the lawyer on GDPR stuff for Fun.
  • I'm creating something called a "now page" on my personal site. It's getting a bit meta.


  • Launching the new version of and dealing with the torrent of emails and calls that is absolutely certain to follow.
  • Planning a holiday for the summer.


  • Trying to eke out more time to finish my novel.
  • Calorie-counting with a 750-calorie deficit. Also, being annoyed that I lost 50lbs then put it back on over the last few years. FFS.
  • Trying to take over the world.