Cheatography before the end of January wins $100!"> Cheatography before the end of January wins $100!"> Cheatography before the end of January wins $100!">
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The First Cheatography Cheat Sheet Competition

Ladies and Gentlemen ... now the moment you've all been waiting for, the world famous just starting out Cheatography Cheat Sheet Contest!

At the end of January, every web development cheat sheet released on the site between now and then will be weighed and measured, and the very best will earn its creator a shiny new pile of money adding up to one hundred of the finest US dollars!

I'll give you a moment to catch your breath. I know what you're thinking ... $100 is so much! Perhaps too much? I only wish it could be more.

Here are the rules:

  • You can enter as many cheat sheets as you like.
  • Entries must be related to web development (if you want to check your cheat sheet is on-topic, email me).
  • Entries must be published (made live for the first time) between now (16th December) and the end of January.
  • Entries are automatic - you don't need to do anything other than create an on-topic cheat sheet to enter the competition.
  • The winner will be announced on the Cheatography blog and will be emailed.
  • The prize can be sent either via Paypal or Amazon gift certificate.

What makes the "best" cheat sheet is rather subjective, but here are a few hints and tips for what might help make your cheat sheet stand out:

  • Original - please don't just copy cheat sheets from elsewhere.
  • Concise - make good use of space and try to fill all of the pages you use (staying under one page is usually good).
  • Organised - try to group similar blocks of content together, and focus on things people are most likely to make use of.
  • Stay on Topic - try to stick to a single topic.

So without further ado, I declare this contest ... open! Head on over to to get started!